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Month: May 2022

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Episode 1,896 – Mass Caravans Are Converging On The Border; The Excuses From Officials Continue From Uvalde; Anna Paulina Throws Down; Schilling ‘We Can Do Better’

 We discuss the border, transgender legislation, and more  Our Guests are: Oscar Ramirez, Todd Bensman, Ben Bergquam, Anna Paulina, Terry Schilling Stay ahead of the censors – Join us Aired On: 5/31/2022 Watch:On the Web: http://www.warroom.orgOn Podcast: http://warroom.ctcin.bioOn TV: PlutoTV Channel 240, Dish Channel 219, Roku, Apple TV, FireTV or on #news #politics #realnews 

Kash Patel with Zak Paine on The Sussman Verdict

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Naomi Wolf Unveils New Book: The Bodies of Others

Author Naomi Wolf visits “War Room: Pandemic” in studio to talk to host Steve Bannon about her new book “The Bodies of Others,” which was officially released today. The subtitle says it all: “The New Authoritarians, Covid-19 and the War Against the Human.” Wolf has been one of the leading voices against vaccine passports and […]
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Ukrainian Citizens Being Bombed By Their Own Government Terrified To Speak Out

The Zelensky regime is using scare tactics to keep citizens silent
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White House Press Secretary: Biden Says “Problem Is Guns,” Doesn’t Believe In Hardening Schools

Biden admin’s refusal to support hardening schools comes as GOP have called to ramp up security at schools in wake of Uvalde elementary massacre.
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Todd Bensman: Greyhound and American Airlines Complicit with Biden Admin.

Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies exposes that Greyhound and American Airlines are complicit in providing support for the invasion of America by illegal aliens. If you expect help from Joe Biden and his administration, wake up! This is an impeachable offense!  
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Oscar Blue: Caravan Brewing in Southern Mexico

Oscar “El Blue” Ramirez reports from Tapachula, Mexico, about the growing caravan of illegal immigrants who plan to cross the Rio Grande into the welcoming arms of Joe Biden and his illegitimate regime. Watch t6e video of the immigrants and you will see they are not families desperate to flee their homelands; they are thousands […]