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Leftist Newspaper Encourages Readers to Save Their Pee to “Humiliate Putin”

“Peecycling” to save the environment.



Leftist Newspaper Encourages Readers to Save Their Pee to “Humiliate Putin”

“Peecycling” to save the environment.

Left-wing newspaper the Guardian is encouraging its readers to save their urine in order to “humiliate Putin” and help the fight against climate change.

Yes, really.

The paper published an article calling on people to preserve their pee to help make up for the impact of sanctions on Russia which have caused fertilizer shortages.

“Russia and Ukraine, together, are responsible for exporting 28% of the world’s fertilizers made from nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, per NBC. The three fertilizer creating substances are rich in urine,” writes Tom Pappert.

“As a result of the Western sanctions against Russia, and to a lesser degree the conflict in Ukraine itself, Russia is no longer exporting its urea to the West, which used the urine to create fertilizers for crops.”

The answer, according to the Guardian, is for people to start engaging in “peecycling” and donating their urine to farmers.

“If I can use my pee to humiliate Putin, then that weird dream I had last week will sort of come true,” it states. “What’s more, those same nutrients, when flushed into wastewater systems, become contaminants responsible for creating environmentally damaging algal blooms.”

“So by saving my pee I could help the environment, thwart Russian aggression and produce urine-rich bread,” adds the article.

As Pappert points out, encouraging citizens to use the product of their toilet visits to fertilize crops didn’t turn out so well in North Korea.

“While using bodily excrement or excretions to fertilize crops may seem alien in the West, isolationist North Korea has reportedly urged its citizens to defecate and urinate on crops for the purpose of fertilization multiple times with the goal of averting food shortages.”

“In 2017, it was claimed that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un may have inadvertently started a parasitic worm epidemic in the country by forcing farmers to use human feces on their crops.”

The war in Ukraine has exacerbated a cost of living crisis in the UK characterized by soaring inflation and sky high energy, petrol and diesel prices.

Despite pushing many Brits into poverty, this hasn’t stopped millions of financially comfortable virtue signalers from vehemently expressing their ‘support for Ukraine’ and sustained western involvement in the conflict.

Britain is now swamped with Ukraine flags which adorn villages and town squares and are also flown proudly by wealthy homeowners in their large back gardens.

There are noticeably fewer Ukraine flags in poorer areas where the continuation of the war is forcing many people to choose between missing meals or paying their electricity bill.


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