Poll Shows American Belief in Transgender Ideology is Falling

Poll Shows American Belief in Transgender Ideology is Falling

Despite relentless promotion of LGBT in society.

Despite its relentless promotion in virtually every sector of society, belief in the reality of trans ideology is falling amongst Americans, a new poll shows.

The survey, conducted by Pew Research, found that only 38% of Americans believe biological sex does not determine whether someone is a man or a woman.

The poll, which involved more than 10,000 participants, found that 60% thought biological sex determined gender.

That number is up 4% on 2021 and up 6% from 2017, when Americans were asked the same question.

β€œThe plurality of Americans also think that society has gone too far in the acceptance of transgenderism and trans individuals, with 38% of those who answered the poll agreeing,” reports Valiant News.

β€œ36% of respondents said that society had not gone far enough, with another 23% thinking that the current level of acceptance is about right.”

Despite increasing numbers of Gen Z youth identifying as LGBT, Americans in the wider population appear to be developing more skepticism towards the whole issue.

A poll released earlier this month found that only 28% of Americans support transgender athletes being allowed to compete in female sports tournaments.

A Harvard-Harris poll also revealed that close to two thirds of Americans reject the idea that children should be led to believe they are free to choose what gender pronouns they use.

The continuing decline of belief in trans ideology is pretty remarkable given how virtually every tentacle of the establishment promotes and amplifies LGBT identitarianism, and that this has escalated in recent years.

It’s almost like Americans are beginning to resent being told what to think and threatened with silencing and cancellation if they don’t swallow whole β€˜the message’ being constantly shoved down their throat.

Who knew that would happen?

As we document below, woke brainwashing in television and movies is also causing financial pain for the entertainment industry, with early signs they may start to abandon such social engineering because it is severely impacting the bottom line.


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