Videos: Biden Rambles Incoherently At Car Show And Gets Lost On A Stage AGAIN

Videos: Biden Rambles Incoherently At Car Show And Gets Lost On A Stage AGAIN

Why is he holding hands with a woman who isn’t his wife?

Joe Biden found time to wander around a car show in Detroit Wednesday, weirdly holding hands with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, before rambling incoherently, bragging about the economy being strong, and finally getting lost while on a stage.

It all started off with this oddness:

Does he think Whitmer is his wife?

Strange optics here also:

Next up, a new word:

Then Biden told the crowd that there’s “nothing we can’t do” if we “do it together.”

What happened to the ‘half the country are extremists’ schtick?

Biden then lauded the economic “resurgence,” and claimed that wages are up:

Biden literally plunged a growing economy into a recession and brought about the worst inflation crisis in a century. Where is the resurgence?

Wages are not up. Unless up means down:

Finally, of course, Biden got lost looking for the steps he walked up just minutes before:

It’s literally every time now:

Why can’t he ever remember where he is?


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