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Indian Newspaper Says Sunak Becoming PM Means Britain “Is Now in the Hands of an Indian”

But wait, I thought he was British?



Indian Newspaper Says Sunak Becoming PM Means Britain “Is Now in the Hands of an Indian”

But wait, I thought he was British?

In what some are calling a celebration of ‘reverse colonization’, India’s second largest newspaper lauded Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister of Britain, asserting that the country “is now in the hands of an Indian.”

Sunak, who was born in Britain but is of Indian ethnic descent, became the leader of the country after former Prime Minister Liz Truss was forced to resign.

India’s Dainik Jagran newspaper suggested the country had achieved a measure of revenge against their former colonialist masters with Sunak’s rise to power.

“Rishi Sunak became the Prime Minister of Britain, command of the country that subjugated India for years is now in the hands of an Indian,” the newspaper reported.

Others are confident that India will now get to exercise “more power” in global affairs because Sunak is Prime Minister, despite him being British, not Indian.

The newspaper’s reaction to Sunak becoming PM once again highlights the double standard applied in the context of nationality and ethnicity.

For white Brits to suggest Sunak isn’t British, despite Sunak being born in Britain, because he is ethnically Indian, is horrifically racist.

But for an Indian newspaper to suggest Sunak is Indian, despite the fact he wasn’t born in India, is perfectly acceptable.

If a white man with white parents and white grandparents who were all born in Britain is born in Shanghai, does that make him Chinese, or is he still British?

Some have suggested that Sunak becoming British Prime Minister is something that would never happen in foreign countries in the case of a white man.

In one clip that went viral, a caller to LBC was chastised by the host for being “racist” after he made the comparison.

“Could you imagine him going to the Scottish nationalists and being the prime minister of the Scottish nationalists? Could you imagine me becoming the prime minister of Pakistan or Saudi Arabia? No,” said the caller, Jerry from Lowestoft.

“These things matter. I’m sorry you don’t like it. We’re talking about England, right? 85% of the English, yes, are white English people, and they want to see a prime minister who reflects them. I can’t just go to India and be the president there can I?” he asked.

Meanwhile, Britain can literally allow a brown man born to parents of Indian descent who migrated to Britain from East Africa to become the most powerful person in the country and yet still be demonized as inherently racist at the same time.


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