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Musk Humiliates AOC After She Whines About $8 Verification Fee - Deep State Uncovered

Musk Humiliates AOC After She Whines About $8 Verification Fee

Musk Humiliates AOC After She Whines About $8 Verification Fee

“Your feedback is appreciated”

New Twitter owner Elon Musk humiliated Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Wednesday night, pointing out that she is selling branded sweatshirts for $58 a piece after she complained about Musk potentially introducing an $8 fee for Twitter verification.

Musk has floated the $8 fee as a way of levelling the playing Twitter playing field, which he sees as currently skewed, as well as making the platform less reliant on ads for revenue.

When AOC provided her thoughts, Musk’s response was to the point:

Because it’s evil for a company to create revenue… or something.

It’s OK when we do it though:

This resulted in the triggering of all triggerings:

Cue the memes:

Instead of leaving it there, AOC then started to make claims about her Twitter account being mysteriously limited:

Conspiracy theorist eh?

It isn’t the first time Musk has courted the attentions of AOC:

Musk had similar responses for others dialing into the Twitter complaint hotline:

Meanwhile, some on the right had perhaps more legitimate points to make about the $8:

Reports are also now circulating that Musk is going to offload half of Twitter’s staff by the end of the week:

Elon Musk To Fire Half Of Twitter On Friday


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