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Elon Musk Fires Disgruntled Employee By Tweet

Human Rights Watch says it’s a “disaster”



Elon Musk Fires Disgruntled Employee By Tweet

Human Rights Watch says it’s a “disaster”

Elon Musk is taking no prisoners at Twitter.

In a move that triggered detractors, Musk publicly fired an employee who chose to air dirty laundry on Twitter itself.

It all began with Musk apologising for Twitter being slow, with an explanation:

This prompted one Eric Frohnhoefer to claim he had been a Twitter engineer for six years and that Musk was flat wrong:

Musk then demanded to know what was really wrong in Mr Frohnhoefer’s opinion and exactly what he was doing to fix it:


All Hell Breaks Loose as Elon’s Twitter Bans Shitlibs

When people began advising Frohnhoefer to engage with his boss privately, the Twitter engineer doubled down.

And that was the end of Mr Frohnhoefer’s Twitter career:

The exchange triggered Musk haters:

Others claimed that the incident was an example of how Musk isn’t really for free speech… or something.

Who is next?

Musk has fired not only the woke kingpins that were previously running Twitter, but also half the staff who were inhabiting pods and drinking iced matcha latte’s “from the perch”:

Musk also fact checked a fired employee who complained the new CEO was lying about how much complimentary food was costing the company:

All of this stuff has prompted Human Rights Watch to launch a campaign, claiming that a “disaster” is underway at Twitter:

Do they really not have more pressing human rights violations to concentrate on than the plight of lazy wannabe influencers having to pay for their own hipster drinks at work?


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