Videos: Biden Economic Advisor Says President Is “Happy” With Inflationary Prices

Videos: Biden Economic Advisor Says President Is “Happy” With Inflationary Prices

It’s the most expensive thanksgiving ever

Despite this Thanksgiving costing an estimated 20 percent more than usual for the average American family, with record high prices for staple items, a Senior Biden economic advisor declared Wednesday that the President is “happy” with the way things are going.

Speaking on CNBC, Amos Hochstein proclaimed “If you look at where we are today… with the concerns of inflation and prices rising, we’ve been laser focused on bringing prices down, so I think the President is happy with the trajectory of prices.”

He then proceeded to tout the green energy ‘transition’ again.

Elsewhere during the interview, Hochstein noted that Biden intends to refill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) at $70/barrel, despite Democrats blocking efforts by the Trump administration to do so back when a barrel of oil cost just $24 in 2020.

Meanwhile, in the real world…

White House Chief Of Staff Ronald Klain made sure that leftists would be prepared with a ‘cheat sheet’ of Biden’s “top accomplishments,” for when those annoying conservative uncles start slating the Administration at the Thanksgiving table.

Biden is “tackling inflation,” and “took on big pharma.”

Strong points.

Meanwhile, after only having spent 40% of his presidency on holiday, Biden has taken his entire clan on a week long luxury vacation:


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