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Watch: Creepy Videos Of Democrats Fawning Over Zelensky

Watch: Creepy Videos Of Democrats Fawning Over Zelensky

Biden leans in for a sniff

Ukrainian President Voldymyr Zelensky waltzed into Washington DC Wednesday and was treated like royalty by Democrats.

He walked into Congress, gave an angry speech, raised a Ukrainian flag, collected another 50 billion dollars and complained that it wasn’t enough.

Before he arrived, Nancy Pelosi compared Zelensky to Winston Churchill:

Biden was all over the guy. Even Zelensky himself was creeped out.

They rolled out the red carpet… literally:

But dude couldn’t even be bothered to wear a suit:

Once he was inside, they replaced the U.S. flag with a Ukranian one:

He demanded tanks and planes as well…

Biden promised infinite funding:

Pause for a second to remember who this guy is…

Apparently there is no money to secure America’s own border, but plenty for Ukraine.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald asked a simple question, how is any of this helping American people?

“In what conceivable way will the lives of American citizens be materially improved?” Greenwald posited, adding “How will you or your family’s lives be protected or fostered by sending tens of billions of dollars, now in excess of $100 billion, to the war in Ukraine except for the tiny number of people that own huge amounts of stock in the weapons manufacturers who have done extremely well from this war, how have Americans benefited in any way?”


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