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White House Repeats Claim That Talking About The Border Makes It Insecure - Deep State Uncovered

White House Repeats Claim That Talking About The Border Makes It Insecure

White House Repeats Claim That Talking About The Border Makes It Insecure

“These things that you have done, are they working?”

The Biden Administration signalled that it is picking up in 2023 where it left off last year, with White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre repeating a claim that anyone talking negatively about the security of the border is helping smugglers and cartels by spreading ‘misinformation’.

Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre “Does anybody around here think that the southern border is secure?”

The Press Secretary claimed that “This is a president who has been working since day one to work on border security,” further claiming that Biden “has taken historic actions” to secure the southern border, without explaining what at all those actions are.

She also described the border problem as being worsened by “Republicans, as you know, who are doing political stunts.”

Doocy attempted to press for any details by asking “7,000 migrants crossing everyday illegally. Does the White House believe that the border is secure?” and “These things that you have done, are they working?”

Then, in order to close the topic off, Jean-Pierre this pearler…

“We have to be very careful … on how we talk about this because if we talk about it in way that is misinformation, then it helps the smugglers.”

It’s a tactic the Press Secretary now uses regularly.

If you talk about the border being insecure, you are helping the criminals and terrorists.

Video: Biden Press Secretary Says ‘You’re With The Smugglers If You Claim Border Is Open’

As we noted earlier this week, senior aides are on record stating that Biden despises seeing scenes of illegal immigrants flooding across the Southern border and regularly explodes into fits of rage in front of aides when shown the footage, complaining that no solutions are being implemented or even offered.

Claim: Angry Joe Biden Erupts Into Fits Of Rage At Scenes Of Overwhelmed Southern Border

Elsewhere during Tuesday’s press briefing, it was the usual complete denial of the reality that the administration has created:


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