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Scottish Government Refuses to Remove Convicted ‘Trans’ Rapist From Women’s Prison - Deep State Uncovered

Scottish Government Refuses to Remove Convicted ‘Trans’ Rapist From Women’s Prison

Scottish Government Refuses to Remove Convicted ‘Trans’ Rapist From Women’s Prison

Biological male only started identifying as a woman after he was on trial for rape of two women.

Despite a massive backlash, the Scottish government is refusing to remove a transgender rapist from a female prison despite his conviction for raping two women when he was a biological male.

31-year-old Adam Graham was found guilty of raping the two women during frenzied sex attacks that took place in 2016 and 2019.

Only when on trial for the attacks did Graham announce that he was “transitioning” into a woman, a process which seemingly culminated in him wearing a bad wig and cheap make-up.

The rapist was clearly trying to exploit Scotland’s ludicrously woke legal system in which biological males who identify as women can be sent to female prisons.

Despite a huge backlash, the Scottish government has indicated it won’t reverse its decision to send Graham (who now calls himself Isla Bryson) to HMP Cornton Vale, a women’s prison in Stirling.

Keith Brown, Scotland’s justice secretary, has “expressed faith in the Scottish Prison Service’s (SPS) decision to place a transgender woman convicted of raping two women, before she had transitioned, in a women’s prison,” reports ITN News.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon denied her government had any authority to change the “risk assessment” that led to Graham being allowed to be sent to a female prison.

The situation has deepened the controversy surrounding Scotland’s absurd Gender Recognition Reform Bill, which would allow anyone over the age of 16 to legally identify as the opposite sex without needing medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria and having lived for just 6 months as transgender.

Scottish lawmakers even voted down an amendment that would have removed protections for convicted sex offenders to identify as transgender after being found guilty.

The bill itself and the effort to protect the rights of sex offenders were both vehemently supported by LGBT activists.

In a related development, Graham’s estranged wife revealed that he tried to rape her too and only began identifying as a woman to try to get an easier time in jail.

Imagine my shock.

“Never once did he say anything to me about feeling he was in the wrong body or anything. I have a lot of sympathy for real transgender people, it’s a hard thing to live with, but he’s just bullshitting the authorities,” said Shonna Graham.

“His gender transition is a sham for attention and an easier life in prison. When I saw the photos of him dressed as a woman with a blonde wig and pink lycra leggings, I fell out of bed laughing,” she added.

Shonna said that Graham didn’t want to be in prison with “loads of big scary men,” warning that “sending him to a women’s prison is outrageous – will one of the vulnerable women inmates be the next victim to be attacked by him? He won’t stop, it’s in his nature.”


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