Video: Rand Paul Warns Overclassification Being Used To Cover Up COVID Lab Leak

Video: Rand Paul Warns Overclassification Being Used To Cover Up COVID Lab Leak

“The intelligence community does this so they have more power and we have less power”

Senator Rand Paul warned Wednesday that over classification of information is being used to avoid oversight and institute cover ups, such as regarding the origins of COVID.

Appearing on Newsmax TV’s “Eric Bolling The Balance,” Paul explained “I think there’s an overclassification problem here. Everything’s classified. And in all likelihood, what we’ll find is this is not some sort of organized scheme to have the secrets to the nuclear weapon in [Biden’s] Corvette. I think it’s more likely than not that we’ve classified so many documents that it’s hard to find documents that are not classified.”

He continued, “The one problem with classifying so much is that there is, right now, to my knowledge, pretty good information out there in the intelligence community about the virus originating from the lab in China, and yet they classify it to try to prohibit people [like] me giving you the information that we already know that this came from a lab. And so this is a real problem.”

“We need to allow less classification so the American people can understand more about what’s going on with their government,” Paul urged.

He added, “I go to classified hearings, and I haven’t actually been to a classified hearing where I actually thought I heard a secret, to tell you the truth.”

Paul further noted that when President Trump was found to have some documents, “the left-wing media acted as if oh, these are the Manhattan Project. This is the secrets to the nuclear weapon… Really, most of the stuff we see is not really that secret. But it’s all stamped that way.”

“The intelligence community does this so they have more power and we have less power,” the Senator continued, adding “I have long argued that Congress needs to know more and the American people need to know more about what the CIA does, what the FBI does. Because we can’t oversee them, we can’t have oversight and reform if we don’t know what they’re doing.”

“They avoid oversight by classifying things, and often there’s a policy decision like, for example, with COVID, we need to know if COVID came from a lab so we can prevent this from happening again. Some of this is being stymied by the intelligence agencies classifying things that need to be declassified,” Paul further asserted.


Paul has previously labeled the subterfuge over the coronavirus lab leak as “the biggest coverup in the history of science,” and has vowed to continue to expose the origins of the pandemic and uncover a paper trail that he is positive will lead back to the Wuhan lab research funded by Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health.

Video: Rand Paul Promises To ‘Find The Paper Trail’ For Lab Leak COVID Origin


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