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Harvard Poll: Six In Ten Have Doubts Over Biden’s Mental Fitness - Deep State Uncovered

Harvard Poll: Six In Ten Have Doubts Over Biden’s Mental Fitness

Harvard Poll: Six In Ten Have Doubts Over Biden’s Mental Fitness

A quarter of Democrats say he’s too old to be President

A new Harvard/ Harris survey has revealed that six in ten Americans have reservations over Joe Biden’s mentally capacity to run again in 2024, with 65 percent agreeing that at 80-years-old, Biden is “too old” to continue as President.

Over a third of that 65 percent are Democrats, with almost a quarter of Democrats also saying they have doubts about Biden’s mental fitness.

The poll found that a whopping 90 percent of Republicans and 73 percent of Independents agree Biden is now showing he is too old and it should preclude him from running again in 2024.

Screenshot: Harvard/ Harris

Eighty seven percent of GOP voters say Biden doesn’t have the mental fitness to run again, while 67 percent of independents agree.

The poll also found that 61 percent of Americans believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, with a majority, 56 percent, expressing an unfavorable view of Biden. 

Screenshot: Harvard/ Harris

The survey also notes that just 37 percent approve of how Biden has handled the border crisis, while 62 percent highly disapprove of his handling of the economy.

Screenshot: Harvard/ Harris

According to the survey, if an election were held today between Trump and Biden, the former would win by 5 points.

Screenshot: Harvard/ Harris

Biden’s mental decline was on display again Thursday, when during an event in Springfield, Virginia, he joked about people thinking he was “stupid” before making yet another embarrassing verbal gaffe, referring to Rep. Don Beyer as “Doug”.

Biden Jokes About People Thinking He’s “Stupid” Then Makes Another Stupid Verbal Gaffe

He stammered his way through the appearance:

Biden also managed to get lost on stage again:


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