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Trans Criminals Who Raped Women Are Women, Says Scottish Leader - Deep State Uncovered

Trans Criminals Who Raped Women Are Women, Says Scottish Leader

Trans Criminals Who Raped Women Are Women, Says Scottish Leader

Sturgeon embarrasses herself in car crash interview.

Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon says transgender criminals convicted for raping women are women, despite a car crash interview in which she appeared to flip flop all over the place.

The controversy began after 31-year-old Adam Graham, who was was found guilty of raping the two women during frenzied sex attacks, was sent to Scotland’s only all female prison.

Only when on trial for the attacks did Graham announce that he was “transitioning” into a woman, a process which seemingly culminated in him wearing a bad wig and cheap make-up.

The rapist was clearly trying to exploit Scotland’s ludicrously woke legal system in which biological males who identify as women can be sent to female prisons.

After a massive public backlash, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reiterated her belief that “trans women are women,” no matter how many actual women they have violently raped.

During an excruciatingly awkward interview, Sturgeon flip-flopped back and forth on the question of whether violent male rapists are actually women on the basis of them claiming to be so in order to get more lenient treatment in prison.

Sturgeon’s assertion that men with penises should be accepted as women was backed up by Keith Brown, her justice secretary, who said: “If somebody presents as a trans person, then we accept that at face value.”

Brown said the decision on where so send male sex offenders who identified as women rested with the Scottish Prison Service (SPS), and its risk assessment, which Brown claimed had a “tremendous track record”.

Another biological male, who now calls himself, Tiffany Scott, was also set to be transferred to the same all woman prison after being convicted of stalking a 13-year-old girl.

Another transgender inmate also started identifying as a baby in order to get better treatment in prison, a demand that was “taken seriously” by prison bosses. That sounds like a Babylon Bee article, but it’s a real story.

As we document in the video below, the situation in Scotland completely vindicates those who have been warning for years that sexual predators are exploiting the acceptance of transgenderism to target victims.


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