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Top Dems Still Privately Opposing Biden Running For Re-Election in 2024 - Deep State Uncovered

Top Dems Still Privately Opposing Biden Running For Re-Election in 2024

Top Dems Still Privately Opposing Biden Running For Re-Election in 2024

Many are afraid to go on the record.

Prominent Democrats continue to raise concerns about Joe Biden’s age in advance of his decision on whether or not to run again for president in 2024, but are afraid to say so publicly.

According to a report by Politico, the rhetoric of behind-the-scenes discussions regarding Biden’s cognitive ability to fight another election campaign hasn’t changed.

The report said that while there is still a significant amount of skepticism as to whether Biden should run again, Democrats are afraid to state their worries on the record.

“He’s a president of great competence and success, I admire the heck out of President Biden,” the report cited Rep. Dean Phillips as saying.

“And if he were 15-20 years younger it would be a no-brainer to nominate him, but considering his age it’s absurd we’re not promoting competition but trying to extinguish it.”

The report also cited an unnamed Senator who said only a few of his colleagues want Biden to run again and that the party has to create “an alignment of interest” with the president to get him off the “narcotic” of the office.

Although Biden is eyeing up an April announcement to align with the same month he threw his hat in the ring in 2019, many Dems are fearful that Biden won’t be able to devote enough energy to the campaign tour given his age.

During his 2020 run, the Biden campaign team infamously ‘called a lid’ on campaigning relatively early in the day on many occasions and limited his interactions with the media, with Republicans accusing them of keeping Biden in the “basement”.

Meanwhile, the president’s physician Kevin O’Connor said Biden was “vigorous” and “healthy” following his latest medical examination, declaring him “fit for duty”.

Biden’s condition was “unchanged from baseline” following his last physical in late 2021, with the president only suffering from mild ailments.

That will probably do little to silence those who have pointed to Biden’s repeated public appearances where he looks dazed and confused on stage.

Last week, former White House physician Ronny Jackson called for Joe Biden to be subjected to an immediate cognitive examination after the president appeared to be lost on stage yet again.

A poll conducted by Issues & Insights/TIPP last August found that 59 per cent of Americans are concerned about President Biden’s mental health.


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