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chatgpt method - Deep State Uncovered

chatgpt method

o recently I used chat GPT to make
money with check GPT online and in this
video I want to show you exactly how I
did this step by step so I made over
three thousand dollars using the chat
GPT AI software and all I did was two
things with chat G PT to make this money
and it’s really easy to understand and
I’m going to take you through this step
by step so you don’t miss out on any
information and I’m going to show you
the tools that I use to make this money
now this money was made in around about
two days and I just did this randomly to
see if chat GPT could actually make me
some money and it actually worked out
way better than I thought and it’s an
extremely really good method to make
money online right now with chat GPT so
you are going to want to potentially
jump onto this method before everybody
else does so let’s jump into this video
and I will show you exactly how I made
over three thousand dollars with chat
GPT online in a couple of days alright
guys so in this video I’m going to show
you exactly how I used chat GPT to go
ahead and make some money online now
when I did this I did not plan this at
all what I did is I essentially just
woke up one day and I thought I want to
make some money and I thought I’m going
to try and use chat GPT to go ahead and
do that because I was actually doing a
tutorial on chat GPT at the time and I
was feeling a little bit lazy so I went
ahead and made some money using chat GPT
and I want to show you everything step
by step in this video so make sure you
stay tuned we have a little bit to cover
here and I think at the end of this
video you’ll understand exactly how
powerful chatpt is and how you can use
it to go ahead and make money in your
own business online so let’s get started
on how I made this money right here so
the first step is obviously I needed
chat GPT you can go ahead and get that
openai.com and that is chatgpt another
thing you will need and what I use all
the time in my business is an email
marketing software I use one called get
response I will leave a link below it is
an affiliate link you can get a free
account or you can go ahead and get a
paid account to get more features and
right now they have 40 off so make sure
you go and check that out if you want to
get your account right now I would
recommend grabbing one even if you plan
to just use it in the future because 40
off is insane and you can go ahead and
get that right now I will leave a link
in the description so these are the only
two tools you are going to need for this
tutorial and exactly and this is exactly
what I use to make the money now the
next step is we need something called
The Bait now we’re going to talk about
all of the traffic at the end of this
video and how I got the traffic but we
first need to talk about how I created
this funnel and how I made this money so
we need to create something called The
Bait now the bait in this case was an
e-book so I gave away a free ebook now
this is going to depend on the niche
that you’re in but I did this in the
make money online Niche and this is the
ebook right here it’s about affiliate
marketing now this ebook has been made
with check GPT PT but it was edited by
me as well so it’s not 100 chat GPT so
you aren’t going to be able to get
something that is 100 made and then you
go ahead and just give that away because
you obviously have to add pictures and
things like that but a lot of this was
made with chat GPT and you can go ahead
and just use Google documents to keep it
you don’t need to go and make a nice
cover or anything like that you can just
use Google Documents so what you want to
do is you want to go to chat GPT and you
want to go and put in so you’re going to
be giving away a free ebook now when you
the reason you’re going to be giving
away a free ebook is to get what we call
a lead so a lead is an email address and
it’ll all make sense in a minute but I’m
gonna go I’m going to kind of just do
what I did and I’m gonna say right
me uh
about how to do affiliate marketing in
five steps we’ll say right me I’ll just
say look I’m going to say write me a
3000 word ebook just because it’ll take
a while to write the words that were in
my original one because it’s quite long
write me a 3 000 word
ebook about how to do affiliate
marketing in five steps and make money
so we’ll let it do that
and I’m just going to let it do its
thing right and we’ll come back but
essentially what you do is you use chat
GP to write you a general ebook and then
you go ahead and you edit it now we are
going to be using chat GPT to do more
stuff in this method but this is the
first step okay so you’ll see that in my
book I have these like Steps okay so
Step One is finding the right product
and then
step two is finding the right traffic
and that’s essentially what chat GPT is
doing right now it’s a shorter version
but it has given us the five steps to do
affiliate marketing now this is going to
work in all types of different niches
you will need to it really depends on
the niche that you want to get into but
essentially just change out affiliate
marketing for whatever Niche it could be
fishing traveling Fitness but we’ll talk
more about that at the end when we talk
about the traffic now once chat GPT has
given you your book you can get them to
make it longer or whatever you actually
don’t need a very long book this is
actually fine remember this is a free
thing that you’re giving away for free
so once you have your book go and put it
into Google Documents okay super easy
that’s all you need to do the next step
is you need to go into your email
marketing software in this case we are
going to be using get response and get
response can do everything that we need
if we go to tools you can see that it
can make us forms now these forms we
actually use to go ahead and collect
somebody’s email to give away the book
for free and I’ll show you an example of
that right now so on this page I send
people to this page and I get their
email and I give them the book for free
I’m going to show you a diagram soon on
how this works now I’m not using get
response for this page but you can make
stuff like this and I’ll show you how
right now so the next step after you
create the book is you want to go ahead
and create a list now this list now what
I will do is I’ll actually give you a
full tutorial on get response below that
takes you through everything step by
step I’m going to give you a basic
overview right now the tutorial below
takes you through everything that you
need to know about gitresponse and
setting it up
but this is a very basic overview what
you want to do is you want to go and
create list and name that list okay so
I’m going to name this list
um YouTube test three okay we’ll just
whatever that is now this list is going
to have nobody on it but we are going to
build this list now I will explain to
you how many people I sent my um emails
to and stuff like that in a minute so
we’re going to have this list here
then you want to go to tools and let me
just go create it on
yeah so there’s our list right YouTube
best three our zero contacts do we want
to go here we want to go to forms okay
if we want to create a new form where we
are going to collect an email create
form keep in mind this is a very basic
tutorial on how to use gitresponse I
would recommend my tutorial below
now we’re going to
pick a basic one here I actually like
this one here use template so there’s
actually templates you can use okay
there’s a lot of like
just keep it basic just keep it basic no
pictures no nothing because it loads
faster just keep it basic so I’m just
going to go off this one right here use
now you need to do a title that is
relevant to what you’re giving away for
free so for example how I make a
full-time income online without my own
products because I do make a full-time
income online by promoting other
people’s products and that’s called
affiliate marketing so the next step
is I’m just gonna
change this to
so you can move all of this right I’m
just going to get this really simple
download my free
affiliate marketing book okay
now like I said this is a very basic
version of what you can do
okay so this is pretty simple we can get
rid of this
awesome we can just put that up there
move that around super easy right we did
that in like like not even 20 seconds so
now what we want to do we keep it like
that because we want to go to settings
you can name it here and then choose
lists okay
our one was YouTube test three
we do not want to add them to a cycle
that is not what we want to do
and we’re not adding them to any sort of
automation right now we’re just creating
a list and then what we’re going to do
is we’re going to save our actually
uh choose Thank You page we need to go
to custom
and what we need to do is we need to go
and put a link to our affiliate
marketing book so what I would do is I
would go share now my email pops up so
I’m not going to show that but I’ve got
the link I’m going to go back to here
and I’m going to go ahead and post that
into here
so what happens is when people put their
email in they are going to get
redirected to that book that they get
for free and I’m going to get their
email address and I’ll show you how that
works in a second and then I’m going to
go save I’m going to get this link
get responsible host my form copy this
link is where we send people to go ahead
and collect the email they’re going to
be taken to that page there we go so
this is kind of what it starts to look
like we send people to that page
we collect their email and we start to
build a list now once we start to build
a list we can then promote products to
them where we get a commission so what I
did is I actually had a bigger list
because I’ve actually been promoting my
affiliate book for some time now what I
did is I took the most active people out
of that list because you can do all that
technology is crazy which is around 1

  1. I only promoted to that many people
    and made over three thousand dollars
    this was just a random test I woke up
    and just was like I’m gonna I want to
    make some money I want to use check GPT
    so now let’s talk about the next step
    and how you actually make money once you
    start building up that list and remember
    I’ll talk about traffic soon at the end
    of the video the next step is you want
    to go to a website called Munch eye.com
    now on this website there is products
    that are getting released every single
    mainly software and making money online
    if you want stuff about Fitness and all
    that sort of stuff I recommend going to
    a website called clickbank.com they have
    multiple products that you can go ahead
    and promote in different niches so let’s
    go ahead and just I’m just going to
    randomly click one of these okay so what
    happens is I click this one here called
    profile mate it’s getting released on
    the 7th of March
    they are selling it for 47 to 67 and I
    get a 50 Commission on any sale okay so
    literally I don’t do any work I just
    send the traffic
    they have a ten thousand dollar prize
    pool and let’s just click on this
    because this will give us more
    information so the JV page is where we
    what we’re going to be doing here is we
    are going to
    go ahead
    and this is all of the information that
    we need now ignore the November and
    stuff because I think they did another
    launch they haven’t updated their page
    but what this is is this is a
    a tool on how to grow Instagram okay
    super easy to learn how to grow
    and what happens is we go ahead and we
    and we grab our affiliate links we get
    an affiliate link I’m not going to do it
    in this video because it’s really easy
    you just go get your jvzoo link and you
    find out when the product is releasing
    and then you start promoting when that
    product releases and they have prize
    pools so if the more leads you send them
    the more money you make you get prizes
    you could potentially win prizes
    so we’re not going to dive too deep into
    that but what what you want to do is you
    want to read what the product is
    what it does so I’m going to quickly
    glance over this I have no idea what
    this product does but I’m assuming what
    it does let’s just say it helps you grow
    on Instagram so what I’m going to do is
    I’m going to go to chat GPT and I’m
    going to ask it to create emails for me
    that I’m going to go and send out to my
    list that I have built up
    so this is the ebook we’ve done that
    cool so I’m going to go
    write me a 300 word email on how to grow
    what this has done is this given it has
    given us some tips on how to grow your
    profile right so this might not be the
    best what we’re trying to do but you can
    edit it so I did edit all of my emails
    around about 70 of my emails were chat
    GPT content I edited them played around
    with them and stuff like that so what
    you want to do is you want to ask chat
    GPT to write you some emails that we’re
    going to go and send when this
    particular product actually launches
    you’re not going to send it right now
    and you’re going to have your you’re
    going to get your link so what you need
    to do is you need to find out the dates
    these dates are wrong okay you can email
    them or find a product that actually has
    the proper dates like there’s so many
    products you can go ahead and promote so
    the next thing is
    this product for example or the one that
    I promoted was open for two weeks so I
    had a two-week window to promote the
    specific product okay so what I did is I
    took the chat GPT content so this is it
    right here and I went ahead and created
    four emails I actually did a lot more
    emails and I’ll explain kind of why I
    only focus on four
    but this is the content here right so
    let me give you a breakdown of what I
    what I did is I had a list of 1300
    I sent four emails over two days and in
    those emails I had links to the product
    where I got a 50 commission if someone
    purchased that product on day one I sent
    two emails that were identical the only
    difference is one of them had a picture
    and one of them didn’t the reason why is
    because usually if you don’t have a
    picture it doesn’t go to spam box or not
    as many go to spam box and we and I’ve
    tested this this is the um this is a CR
    this is the correct Theory so I always
    send one without an image and one with
    an image okay
    now on day one I also sent a few more
    other emails emails for testing now I
    haven’t added them into this because it
    doesn’t really matter you can send as
    many emails as you want so I probably
    sent many more but for these are the
    four main ones that I sent on day two I
    sent a I actually sent on day two I’ve
    moved this around
    on date so I sent an email saying hey
    did you get my emails yesterday just in
    case you didn’t and well you’re busy
    here’s another link and then I sent
    another email on day two saying sign up
    to this so what happened is the product
    actually released another training so I
    sent that okay so that’s what I did four
    main emails and probably like another
    five or six emails just testing and
    things like that but these were the four
    main emails now just from two days worth
    of work okay now I will admit that the
    ebook obviously will take a long a
    longer time to create and create in the
    forms you’re probably looking at a few
    days to actually set all of this up and
    then depending on how you get your
    traffic it could be weeks or months just
    depends on how you get the traffic right
    but I made all of this money just by
    specifically apart from the four
    thousand I uh 400 I think I know I think
    that was actually included
    um now the reason this sales are
    different on different weeks is because
    I didn’t get all of the money on the two
    days right you know the emails sometimes
    people read them three or four days
    later things like that it was over about
    three weeks but I only did two days
    worth of email sending and then what
    happens is
    essentially people from buy those
    products now the reason I got a small
    amount of
    um people from that from my main list is
    because they were the most active so
    they’re going to give me the best
    results they’re going to give me the
    best analytics that I can work from for
    future promotions so what happens is we
    use chat GPT to create our bait we then
    create a list where we collect email
    leads and we give away a our free book
    and then we go ahead and use check GPT
    to make money by sending out emails and
    promoting other people’s products like
    profit mate here profile mate I should
    say now you can find hundreds of
    products that are getting released all
    the time on munchi.com or you can use
    clickbank.com that also has an amazing
    selection of products that you can
    promote now your next question might be
    where do you get the traffic so my main
    traffic source is my YouTube channel so
    if you go to my YouTube channel right
    here and you can see now I now you might
    think oh but you have lots of
    subscribers and all that sort of stuff I
    actually only link this book in a few
    videos I don’t link it very much at all
    so free book
    um start a business okay
    and here it goes and you’ve got to
    remember everyone starts with zero
    subscribers so that argument isn’t even
    valid and there’s also a lot of other
    niches as well
    um but YouTube is the main place where
    people promote their books off we
    actually go make money online
    and I bet you I click on one of these
    this guy here for example I’m not sure
    who this is
    he’s got links to things okay he’s got
    links to things he’s probably a free
    book in there because he’s got a lot of
    stuff let’s just maybe try to find a
    cleaner example uh maybe let’s try this
    guy here it’s like here way too much
    stuff in us so here we go free YouTube
    I enjoy my course so that’s a much
    better example so free YouTube training
    he probably gives away some sort of
    webinar some sort of training and then
    he sells a product later on down the
    line now he’s selling his own product
    but it doesn’t matter it works the same
    affiliate marketing selling your own
    product the only difference is with your
    own product you get 100 of the profits
    with an affiliate product you get 50
    usually around about 50 if we look at
    Munch eye.com it’s all 50 60.
    um pretty much that’s what it is 50 or
  2. all right guys so that’s how I went
    ahead and used chat gbt to make money
    online I created the ebook of check GPT
    and edited it I created the emails of
    chat GPT and edited them a little bit
    but that is a great way you can go and
    use AI technology to make money online
    I’ll see you on the next video don’t
    forget to subscribe tap that
    notification Bell so now my next video
    comes out